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My #1 Weight Loss Tip For 2015 + Before & After


Here are the detox broth ingredients:

Detox Vegetable Broth

4 large onions
8 celery stalks
2 cups cabbage
8 cloves whole garlic
Dried ginger
4 cups of winter squash (for sweetness)
4 cups of root vegetables – pick one: turnips, parsnips or rutabaga
8 cups chopped greens –pick one: kale, parsley, beet greens, collard greens, chard or dandelion
Sea salt, to taste (I’d need A LOT of salt to make this mess tasty)
1 gallon of water

I like all of these things. I don’t want to drink them all rendered down together until they become a “broth.”

This broth is Red Flag #1. This is the first sign that I cannot see myself living this plan for any length of time. The cardinal rule for sustaining a lower weight is “losing weight in a sustainable manner.” That means to maintain a loss, one must continue to do what one did to lose the weight! Drinking the vegetable broth isn’t likely to be a continuous kind of thing for me.

Then there is an extensive list of foods that have to be eliminated.

Bye-bye most dairy, refined sugar, wheat, alcohol, processed foods and artificial sweeteners.

We’re told that these foods are eliminated in an effort to permanently change the way your body responds to foods and eliminate the cravings that come with the typical diet.

Red Flag #2. I don’t use artificial sweeteners so I wouldn’t miss them. I do eat moderate amounts of processed foods and refined sugar. I would miss them very much. I also like wheat! I would miss that too. Take a minute to consider all of the foods made with wheat. I’d be giving up bread, crackers, cookies, PIZZA, pasta, and cake, to name a few. I mostly eat foods made with whole wheats, but not exclusively. I don’t think whole wheat belongs in cakes or pasta, for example.

As for the premise that drinking a detox broth and eliminating a bunch of foods from my diet will eliminate cravings is ludicrous. I’m going to want my sugary treats and “”wheaty faves” more than ever. Making them forbidden turns them into larger-than-life needs.

Now, here’s where Total 10 really says MAJOR FAIL as far as I’m concerned.

The Maintenance Plan. Unlike most maintenance plans that are for maintaining the loss, the Total 10 maintenance plan is how the starter phase of the plan gets transformed into a plan to be followed as long as it takes to get to goal.

Week-by-week followers are directed to take back some of the foods groups such as low-fat dairy and whole wheat. It also recommends a weekly splurge. I don’t think the splurge would enable me to eat them forbidden foods. It’s a splurge within the food plan guidelines.

What kind of a splurge is that?

I live in the 21st century. I’ll drink some alcohol from time to time. I don’t build my food plan on processed foods but I eat them sometimes and certainly depend on the convenience in a pinch. This is no flexible, livable way to manage weight. The health claims are sketchy. The only claim that is supported by science is “losing weight is good for health,” but there are better ways to lose weight than Total 10.

Your results may vary. If you’re loving Total 10, I’m glad you found your solution to losing weight and feeling great, as for me…..

I’m out of here. Total 10 sounds like Total Crap to me!

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21 thoughts on “My #1 Weight Loss Tip For 2015 + Before & After

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    I simply want to tell you that I am just very new to blogging and site-building and seriously savored you’re blog site. Almost certainly I’m planning to bookmark your website . You actually come with very good article content. Many thanks for revealing your web-site.

  2. Samantha N

    You look AWESOME Hannah :’) You’re advice and videos have helped me so
    much. I always thought that eating at 5 was abnormal/too early but since
    I’ve started listening to my body and eating dinner even as early as 4
    o’clock my stomach has been way less bloated <3 

  3. VeganVeins

    Wow you look absolutely amazing :) <3 whole foods are the best, you are so
    inspiring and I’m so happy for you :D <3

  4. Shanna Allen

    I used to weigh myself all the time and it did NOTHING for me! I stopped
    weighing months ago and it is just not interesting to me anymore. :-)

  5. Unconventional Living

    thanks for sharing miss Hannah! it can be difficult to share our ‘before’
    pictures but it’s not just about how far we’ve come, it’s about how we feel
    right now and you’re feeling super fine :) :D

  6. Rosey S

    LOL love your take no shit attitude and your advice. thank you for telling
    your story and sharing. awesome stuff!!!

  7. absy girl

    Raw till 4 community really need to address the issues of weight gain on
    the diet. I feel terrible for you that you gained that amount of weight and
    received no support or suggestions that it was just your fault. If you had
    stuck to that diet god knows how out of hand it would have gotten.

  8. Erin Is Healthy

    Grandmother Oprah, to funny!
    You look amazing, wow radiant as well. Funnier then all get out too.
    I love this video and excellent advice, perfect! Many gurus could learn a
    lot from you.
    Relax and live whole in more ways than one! You are doing it, and it shows!
    And you are loving it as well.
    Looking forward to a great 2015 and sharing it with you too!
    Love ya girl!

  9. Mary C

    You are looking fantastic, Hannah! That is always a good discovery to know
    that you have all the answers for you. Good on you, and thanks for the pep
    talk because I needed that! :D Love you and happy new year!

  10. IGotSmilesForYa

    i’m so happy for you. You seem more confident, more lively and happier. I
    myself have taken this very advice in this video and it does work! Whole
    foods combined with exercise all the way.

  11. Patty Blake

    First of all, you didn’t look “terrible” in your before pics. Sure you had
    a lil’ extra cushion to luv on your bones, but terrible is quite a strong
    adjective, m’dear.

    Just like your house that you have been starting to clear out… it still
    is a fantastic space whether it is filled with clutter or not. Just now,
    like your kitchen that you displayed, its aesthetic beauty is just becoming
    much more visible.

    One of my FAVORITE quotes is, “release the old to welcome the new,” I’m
    pretty sure that I got that one from Louise Hay… but that is just what I
    have witnessed in your vids. You continue to release great amounts of the
    old, and this shiny, polished, beautiful version of your highest self is
    radiating through.

    You look AMAZING.

    Go look in the mirror right now and say it.. just because you do. Actually,
    I think you should go stand on your roof and shout it to your

    LOVE the vids~

    AHH…and ps~ YES! When I am able to scurry off to Florida, visit me! We’ll
    eat tons and tons of citrus~yay!!

  12. Vegan What Now

    Great advice Hannah! Rawtill4 made me fat so I’m on the starch solution
    now. I’m a little afraid of eating too many cooked starches throughout the
    day…do you have any recommendations portion wise? Thanks love!

  13. take2rollem

    Hi Hannah, Happy New Year! Question. I’ve been deluting my favorite salad
    dressings with half water and pouring it on my mashed potatoes, because it
    taste so yummy. Its that a really not so good idea?

  14. ShadowSarah

    You’re so right about listening to your body. I think if you start
    following someone else’s advice and there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or
    reason behind it, run away!! It’s seriously just common sense to have a
    diet consisting of whole plant foods and eat as much as your body wants.
    Once you start trying for a goal calorie intake, it just gets stupid.
    People: stay away from the rules and gimmicks!!

  15. sofiacpinto

    “Shipped around the world twice before you get it” for the best quote out
    of this video! But seriously, I agree so much with the intuitive eating,
    after 6 months of rt4 I got sick and tired of listening to anyone else, and
    just started eating whatever I wanted, at whatever time, and whatever
    quantity I wanted. For the last 3 months, I’ve been eating way more cooked
    than raw, I spent several days without eating anything raw, then started
    craving salads, and now sometimes I crave fruit. But I can’t eat much fruit
    at one time, not sure why, maybe my body got sick of being force fed with
    so much fruit before and now is detoxing from that detox. When I say
    fruits, I’m talking about the more easily thought as fruits, as apples,
    oranges, bananas, etc. Because I still crave and digest well tomatoes,
    cucumbers, nuts, olives and pumpkin, that are technically a fruit, even
    though I don’t really remember they are. So maybe my problem is with a
    higher sugar content. When I crave fruits I just eat them until I’m
    satisfied or until my stomach starts getting funny, it doesn’t hurt but if
    I kept on eating fruits, I’m sure it would. I remember when I was still in
    a high raw phase I took a summer trip abroad with my family, and I was
    literally scared and nervous of not being able to find the foods I wanted
    to eat. Now, I could go to any place in the world and be sure I would have
    anything to eat. It’s so liberating to take control of our way of eating,
    we learn way more and definitely get more benefits from it :) 

  16. jeanette johnson

    your #1 tip for the year is the best! eating processed foods is like eating
    science food projects and that just can’t be good for the body. btw, i only
    weigh myself four times a year (the first day of each season). if the scale
    doesn’t say i lost as much as i thought i had, then i comfort myself with
    the idea that it’s best to lose slowly so that the skin has time to tighten
    along the way. : )

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    Best Diet For Weight Loss 2015 – New Year, New You in 2015 – Diet & Fitness


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