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Author Cheryl Strayed Talks Bringing 'Wild' To Screen, Reese Witherspoon & More
So I got out of the emotions for a while and into the body. And then my writing, I just you know, I was in a … By that age I knew, you know. Q: What about your cameo in the movie? Can you talk about how that happened? A: So, we shot in Oregon for 34 …
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Why elders smile
My problem with a lot of the research on happiness in old age is that it is so deterministic. It treats the aging of the emotional life the way you might treat the aging of the body: as this biological, chemical and evolutionary process that happens to …
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Fitness Mantra: Stay hydrated
Fluids are the most important nutrient in a body. The body's water requirement varies due to many factors: body weight, climate and temperature, total lean muscle weight, amount of physical exercise and daily activity, and eating habits. To maintain …
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