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Cruz's Power to Disrupt Faces a Fresh Test
I'm not sure what I make of Mr. Cruz and his real intentions? I want to like him, but Republicans at this time don't have all their peas in their pea-shooter here…Especially before they take control of the Senate by the first of the year? It seems …
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I have a death row pen pal
Maybe it was an age thing. I was 32 when we started writing – I'd just had my first baby – and he was 21, Texas's youngest death row prisoner. It was 2006 and I'd read about an organisation that arranged pen friends for prisoners facing the death …
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Tuesday, December 16
When minds can't be changed by evidence, tell personal stories about real people in real places. … Jackie (Edie Falco) is called on her drug use and given a choice: go into a diversion program or take a drug test and lose her career if she fails …
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Young Australians set to pay for government policy mistakes
As shown in Grattan Institute's latest report The wealth of generations, today's young Australians may end up with lower living standards than their parents at the same age. Young Australians … Spending on pensions increased most with the Howard …
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