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How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle & Lose Weight!!

How to start a healthy & fit lifestyle, and lose the excess weight. I lost 40 lbs. by changing my diet and lifestyle, and you can too! See more from my Weigh…

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24 thoughts on “How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle & Lose Weight!!

  1. Julia Graf

    Thanks everyone for your feedback!! Want to see more videos like this? Let
    me know what other health & fitness topics you want me to talk about!

  2. Dyvrsity

    Julia, I’m a nutrition and wellness coach and all your advice is ON POINT.
    I watch you for make up, but I’m really glad and impressed that you’ve been
    sharing your journey as well – what an inspiration! Keep it up girl, we’re
    with you! 

  3. Dazlin Divaz

    I’m in college at the moment , and many times I get so swamped with work, I
    forget to eat!! sometimes I have no time to eat anything balanced, its like
    eat and run. At school there’s not much healthy choices… There’s a
    Starbucks, Tim Horton’s, Manchu Wok, Pizza Pizza, A wrap station , street
    food station , Subway………. For exercising, yeah no time for that
    either, though I try to take the stairs at school majority of the time… I
    can’t wait to be done, to get back in that frame of mind… I’ve gained so
    much since I started college especially in the midsection…. 

  4. Iuli's Nails Art Design

    HI Julia nice video,I recomend you to see the movie COWSPIRACY you will
    understand more why fruits and vegetables are good for us as human.
    You look amazing I’m following your by the time you were a bit more “curvy”
    you can look even better if you keep doing what you are doing!Good luck!

  5. MajasStyle4you

    So ein schönes Video liebe Julia :-) Sehr inspirierend. Ich muss auch
    unbedingt wieder was tun nach meinem ersten Baby vor 4 Monaten. Danke für
    die Motivation, denn das war Dein Video wirklich :-* L.G. Maja


    Sorry for another comment, but do you have any tips for a 3rd shifter? I
    work every Thurs. thru Sun. night and then I try to get on a regular “day”
    schedule Monday thru Thurs. ( unfortunately that means I stay up after I
    get off Mon. morning until afoul 10 pm Monday night and when I am to go
    back to work Thurs. night I will have gotten up between 8 and 10 am and
    stay up all day and night until I get off Fri morning. I also try to go
    after work for a 5 mile walk then go home… Any suggestions???

  7. ellia fabia

    Liebe Julia!

    Dieses Video ist so gut geworden. Man sieht, wie viel Arbeit du
    reingesteckt hast. Außerdem merkt man sehr, dass du das, was du
    vermittelst, selbst durchgemacht und erarbeitet hast!
    Das finde ich so motivierend!


  8. Christina Koop

    Richtig tolles Video!!
    Ein paar Rezepte die du jede Woche kochst (gesund natürlich) so 2-3 wäre
    total cool zu sehen…
    Warme Gerichte!

  9. xxAngelEmoPrincessxx

    I started my lifestyle change on January 2nd and since then I’ve lost a
    stone just by eating healthier.. I wasn’t well the first few days so I
    didn’t feel like eating healthy but I think as long as its not every day
    then it won’t do any harm.. I joined a gym yesterday so as soon as it opens
    tomorrow I’ll go there whenever I have an hour to spare.. I’m going on
    holiday at the end of April and I’m determined to not only look good in a
    bikini there but to feel healthier and not want to eat everything in
    sight.. I’m a UK size 20 now and I’m determined to get to at least a 16 by
    my birthday in August.. 

  10. Lacey Ryan

    Thank you for the tips! I have already been working on this for a few
    months but needed a push of motivation which I was very thankful to see in
    my feed! Thank you!

  11. Dolores Mitchell

    Loved the video Julia!! Keep up the great wrk!!! I’m still trying to get
    motivated n loose 25-30 lbs!!! 

  12. Vogue Toria

    Hast du vielleicht einen Tipp wie ich es mit der Arbeit besser verbinden
    kann? Verlasse das Haus um 7:30 und komme um 19 Uhr nach Hause.. Mir
    bleiben zwei freie Tage an denen ich zwas Sport mache aber ich würde gern
    3-4 mal trainieren.. Irgendwie wird mir aber die Zeit zu wenig :/ 

  13. sunlightwomen

    vielleicht solltest du ein zweiten kanal machen für gesunde rezepte und
    sport alles was halt mit gesundheit und abnehmen zu tun hat, würde ich gut
    finden. und zum thema viel trinken das tu ich dafür muss ich auch viel auf
    toilette und das ist echt nervig :(

  14. IsabelleCannelle

    Hallo Julia. Wir sind grosse ‘Kale’-Fans und beziehen diesen in Thun auf
    dem Märit. Gerne möchten wir auch unseren eigenen Kale im Garten
    anpflanzen. Wo beziehst du die Kale-Setzlinge? Die Gewürze und Gemüse auf
    deinem Balkon sehen super aus!

  15. Tasha Iverson

    This video has really inspired me to get my health and fitness on track.
    I’ve watched it multiple times and it continues to inspire me. Job well
    done, Julia! Love watching your videos! <3 


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