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Answers for IQ Test: iqtest.dk

These are the correct answers for the iqtest.dk IQ Test. Click the link below to go to the IQ Test website: http://www.iqtest.dk/main.swf.
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17 thoughts on “Answers for IQ Test: iqtest.dk

  1. fragilecanada

    Any one can solve #39 in one minute is a truly genius (>140). If you can
    figure it out in one hour, your iq is 130-140. If you solve it in two to
    four hours, you are 120-130. If you just guess it out, your iq score is

    And don’t be too excited getting 130, which is about in the top
    5% population. The population of Canada is 33million, 5% counts for
    1.65million people. Think of how many people in Canada are hired by Google,
    and how many people become University professors, much less than 1million! 

  2. dankowski161

    For 33, you can see that the squigglies make up the infinity symbols when
    you combine them. So if we have 9 symbols total, symbols 3 + 8 make 4, and
    symbols 6 and 7 make 2. The only ones left are symbols 1 and 5, which must
    make 9, and thus G.


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