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2015 Weight loss resolution

2015 Weight loss resolution My ebook on Amazon. https://www.youtube.com/redirect?q=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.com%2FJUST-JUICE-CLeanse-Beginners-ebook%2Fdp%2FB0…
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14 thoughts on “2015 Weight loss resolution

  1. Tonja D

    I’m going to start with you. I lost 40 lbs with you a couple years ago.
    I’ve gained that back and another 30. Eeekkk
    You are a great motivation to me.
    Thank you !

  2. brcage

    I’m starting my juice fast tomorrow morning Steve, so i’m with ya!!! :)
    Really looking foreward to this, figured i’d give my self new years eve and
    new years day to recover lmao!
    Then hit it like it owes me money! lol
    Good luck my friend! :)

  3. Rich A

    Steve, thank your for your vids they are very inspiring to not accept being
    over-weight. I am committing the same to losing weight as you this year
    and will be right with you. I am wondering if juice is so good for you why
    do you lose so much weight by living off it? I watched the Joe Cross
    documentary and have watch some other videos and he has gained some of his
    weight back. I am wondering what causes obsedity because their are some
    people that can eat like pigs and never gain?

  4. notreconstructed

    Yep I was down to 196 in the morning now I’m 221 . It’s hard taking it off
    and easy putting it back on . Food taste good . But the lighter I am the
    better I feel . 

  5. kchillvb

    I love that you are keeping the duration fluid…everyone is different and
    I believe you have to LISTEN to your body…I mean maybe it says ‘enough,
    let’s move to next step’ after 11 days! I have always appreciated your
    honestly and transparency….I will be on your sidelines cheering you on my

  6. Red Green

    I’ll never understand why a person who admits they don’t believe in juicing
    or a plant based diet would still watch your videos and then be critical.
    I honestly believe some people are so miserable the only happiness they
    get is trying to make others as unhappy as they are. :(

  7. J Lynn

    just eat whole plant based foods. get rid of the salt, oil, and processed
    stuff. Juices are fine but you can’t live on them for the rest of your
    life. Just eat an abundance of fruits, vegetables, beans, rice, oats with
    no added oils, salt or sugar and you will be very successful and it’s a
    lifestyle, not just a diet.

  8. stabilisedchaos

    Seems to me,everyone does an amazing job and loses incredible amounts of
    weight,myself included,but then something happens a trigger is activated
    and all of a sudden you are right back where you started a few years
    ago,for me it was soda pop,I didn’t have one for 18 months while I was
    shedding tons of weigh 66lb,I remember the day I drank it as if it was
    yesterday and then after every workout I would say to myself “hey I worked
    out really hard I can have a soda”.then I started to slowly add back in all
    the junk and garbage I used to eat until finally even with a great amount
    of exercise I was the same or even more than when I started to lose it,I
    heard of other people with similar stories give themselves a “treat”
    because they reached their goal or because it’s their birthday and they
    pile the weight back on too.I used to think it was 70/30 ratio with diet
    and exercise but no it is more like 85/15 good diet and vigorous
    exercise.Remember this once you stop eating the junk and garbage you can
    never go back,it is like a drug in your brain,I’m starting again which is
    how I found this video and this time for the rest of my life its NO JUNK

  9. kimmyjeans2

    Arlen Vestby I wanted to encourage you to watch more of his videos then
    this one video Stevens videos and his journey has been real life ,honest
    and incredibly inspiring he owns his accomplishments as well his failures
    and shares it with all of us that in itself is to be commended but he has
    been there and has wealth of life time experience that is note worthy and
    of value to those of us has helped to change our view of nutrition as a
    whole he is continued his journey not giving up and heck the guy lost 100
    lbs and he admits he made a wrong turn but he’s back in it and sharing it
    for the betterment of us who are interested I bet he can do it all over
    again but he has nothing to prove to you or me or anyone . He’s just a guy
    sharing his journey and he has nothing to prove to anyone he’s still on his
    way to health that’s the important message here 

  10. Matthew Ottewell

    I think juice fasting is a terrible idea. I read your previous posts in
    this thread, regarding that you have tried everything. Why don’t you follow
    the plan that fit people follow when leaning out?

    Part 1: Choose how much weight you wish to lose per week.
    Part 2: Calculate your required caloric intake (BMR + activity level +
    exercise regimen)
    Part 3: Partition the caloric intake: 100 grams of protein minimum (but
    more if you prefer fewer carbs, up to you) + array of fats
    (polyunsaturated, saturated, omega 3/6) + the remainder being carbs

    That’s it. If the carbs end up not being vegetables you might want to
    supplement with a multivitamin. If you use whey protein you have to be
    careful to maintain sodium levels. But those are minor details…this isn’t
    rocket science.

    So much better than a juice cleanse. Seriously.


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